Ramp Up Your Sales and Profits!
The Complimentary Executive Strategy Session
That Reveals a Uniquely Effective System
in Just 55 Minutes

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"How Much Are Assumptions About
Your Market and Customers Costing You?"

"Would you like to build 'rock solid' relationships with your existing customers and target market ... Relationships so strong that you are consistently growing your sales and profits ... regardless of what's going on in the marketplace?"

How many of these apply to your business?
  • You’re tired of your sales being down, and you want to ramp them back up

  • You’re doing OK, but you could be doing a lot better in sales… and profits

  • You want more market share, you’re sick of losing out to competitors

  • You’d like to be more confident that your products and services are what the market really wants and will pay for

  • You need a better understanding of your customers’ problems, including exactly what will make them buy from you instead of your competition

  • You want an economical, effective channel to reach your prospects

  • You don't want your customers to shop for the cheapest solution, rather than staying loyal to you

  • You want more raving fan customers making enthusiastic referrals

  • You’re focused on leveraging your marketing dollars for optimal impact

  • You need to improve your customer retention rate

  • You’re doing well and you want to ensure that continues and increases

   Hello, I'm Marie Kane and I've been a strategic business consultant for more than 28 years.  In that time, I've helped clients work with customers, prospects, citizens, employees and teams within companies.  I've worked extensively with executive teams in strategic thinking and planning.  I've run a large organization and been an entrepreneur.  I know exactly what it's like to deal with the realities of business every day.  I'll help you engage your customers and your marketplace more effectively today ... so that you're celebrating the positive impact on your sales and bottom line tomorrow!

   Imagine understanding your customers' wants, desires and fears so well that you consistently take extremely focused, highly profitable action.  You're driving more sales and keeping your customers longer.  The lifetime value of your customers is much higher and your profits are much greater, now ... and in the future.

Let's Ramp Up Your Sales and Profits

   Are you a key decision maker for your company on sales, marketing or customer relations strategies ... such as department head or V.P. Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, or the Owner, President, CEO, COO, etc.?

   If you are ... you're eligible for a Complimentary Executive Strategy Session.  You'll be able to explore how your company can be more successful through better market intelligence and closer, more profitable relationships with your current and potential customers.

   In your strategy session, you will discover:

  • What your company's strengths and weaknesses are in your market intelligence gathering

  • What steps you may take immediately to improve it

  • A strategy for building stronger relationships with your current customers

  • A system you may use to delve more deeply into what most strongly motivates your target market to buy

  • A "double whammy" to improve your competitive position in the marketplace

  Plus, your Complimentary Strategy Session includes a proprietary, written assessment, prior to our telephone consultation.  You'll receive a complete copy of the results of this for your future use ... AND, I'll even provide you with a full recording of your strategy session.

  That's right ... NO strings attached and no cost.  Your Strategy Session will last for a total of 55 minutes, with the first 45 minutes devoted to addressing the five bullet points above.  In the last 10 minutes, I'll share some additional information on how you CAN get the results you want - IF, and only if, it proves to be a fit for your company based on our discussion.

  You will need to reserve 55 uninterrupted minutes for our telephone consultation.  As soon as you've completed the Market IQ questionnaire (approximately 15 minutes), you'll immediately be taken to the online calendar to schedule a convenient time for your Complimentary Strategy Session.

Click here for the Market IQ ... AND to schedule YOUR Complimentary Strategy Session.

 Helping you grow your business ... NOW!

Marie Kane
Strategic Business Consultant


Build Trust

About Marie

   Marie Kane has been a corporate consultant and executive coach since 1981. Her areas of expertise include   strategic thinking and planning, operational planning, results tracking, market, customer and employee surveys, leadership and management development, and change management.

Marie Kane

   Marie has worked with organizations from small to Fortune 500 corporations in both the public and private sectors in a variety of industries.

What Clients Say

   "Marie Kane has been a tremendous resource to Pathway Communities for over 20 years. There have been many issues that have arisen in which, without her professional advice, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to get through well. Once Marie takes on a job, she gives it her all. There is not one assignment Marie has ever undertaken for our company that she has not diligently and enthusiastically seen through to a total and successful completion."

Steve Black, President and CEO, Pathway Communities (Retired) Pathway Communities is an industry leader in planned communities.

   "Having previously used Marie, I came back to her at the next opportunity when a need arose because she is darn good at what she does. Marie has an incredible ability to help sort out a situation and propose a clear, well-defined action plan in a very short time."

Peter Nicholas, President, TIGHITCO, Inc.
Tighitco manufactures engineered products for the aerospace, defense, power generation and marine markets.

   "Megadoor has been using Marie Kane's services since 1999. Marie has seen a more than doubling of our company in this time period. She has been instrumental in making this hard transition much less difficult and has been involved in many aspects of our business. Above all she is an invaluable outside look at our company."

Ulf Petersson, President and CEO, Megadoor, Inc.
Megadoor, Inc. is a manufacturer and installer of overhead doors for civilian and military aviation, mining, and aerospace.